Volkswagen shares more angles on the ID R and its Pikes Peak winning run
The angle inside the cabin is less than ideal but it shows how much work Romain Dumas puts towards his record-smashing run. 
Volkswagen built the ID R electric race car with the sole intention of devouring Pikes Peak top times. The first goal was the electric-car overall record but the ultimate goal was complete and total domination. That’s what happened, as Dumas piloted the ID R up the hill in just 7:57.
You can see that, despite the full gamut of pavement running the length of the course, it’s still a bumpy ride. The suspension is likely supremely stiff (which you can also see when the car goes up the hill at Goodwood) and that aero is working to further press it into the ground.
While the angles provided are great overall, we’d still love to see a camera a bit lower and more forward facing. I want to get an eyeful of what Dumas saw as he raced into the record books.  Eventually, the onboard video goes away… which means Volkswagen had camera issues. There had to have been more angles or more footage planned, but things don’t always work out the way in which you plan.
Unless the plan is to go insanely fast… in which case, mission accomplished.

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3 responses to “Volkswagen shares more angles on the ID R and its Pikes Peak winning run”

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    Torque is king.

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      Jeff Glucker


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