Vintage open-wheelers do battle at the Goodwood Revival

The racing at the Goodwood Revival is real. This is a place that’s been transported back in time and the expensive metal is being thrashed as if the results mattered. They do matter, of course, to the ones doing the wheeling but there are no prizes being won. It’s all for glory here at the Revival. So wheel-to-wheel battles unfolding with real drama make for amazing viewing.
Such is the case when a pair of open-wheel oldies run head-to-head. One is a 1958 Cooper-Climax T45/51 and the other is a 1960 Ferguson-Climax (according to the video description). Drivers Rod Jolley and Nick Adams are getting after it. Driving one of these cars in anger alone on a race track would be a tremendous mental and physical workout, but doing so in competition is a different experience entirely.
Watch as these two men battle it out on the grounds at the Goodwood circuit.

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One response to “Vintage open-wheelers do battle at the Goodwood Revival”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Goodwood is fantastic because of the hard racing, slightly less so because of the ‘development’ of the cars that goes well beyond what the period regs would allow, and because there are some continuation/copy cars being raced with less care for the metal which has driven away some original cars.
    Driving standards are better in this open-wheel class where you have to have respect for your opponent or things could end badly for both of you.