Race Driver Barbie at the 24 Hours of LeMons

Vintage LeMons: Watch the Race Driver Barbie unboxing

If you follow our old friend Murilee Martin on YouTube, you get to see a slew of 24 Hours of LeMons videos. Taken over the course of Phil’s many years of LeMons service, the videos are moments in times from various races. One of the recent videos shows a team with a fun theme at the 2014 Pacific NorthWorst race.

The Silversleeves Racing team decided to go with a C4 Chevrolet Corvette. That seems cheater-riffic but the theme helps the crew sell it. Pink paint pairs with oversized Mattel logos to create a ride perfect for Barbie. The team has an equally perfect driver and she’s brand new, still in her original packaging. Race Driver Barbie is set to be unboxed and belted into her racing machine.

The most impressive bit of the video above is just how stiff the driver is able to stay during this process. This is a great example of a LeMons team understanding the series and having fun with it all. Don’t take yourselves seriously. Prepare a proper theme. Enjoy the weekend and have a good time on the track. Or in the pits, seeing as your car is most likely to be broken half the time.

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