Video Teaser: That's right… the Hooniverse Podcast is coming back

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Remember the Hooniverse Podcast? That lovely venture into the vivid world of voice work was led by our friend Alex Kierstein. Mr. Han Solex himself has since moved on to a writing gig at Road & Track (my, aren’t you fancy) and the Hooniverse Podcast died when he left. Now, however, it’s making a triumphant return. 

We’ve teamed up with the production team behind The Smoking Tire Podcast, which is currently ranking exceptionally high over on iTunes (and on which I’ve been a frequent guest). I’ll be your host, and a familiar name and face will serve as co-host thanks to none other than Blake Z. Rong. The plan is to publish a new episode every Wednesday, starting this week. At first it will just be an audio podcast, but we have plans to add video soon as well. We’ve posted a clip as a teaser of what’s to come, as we were joined by Jeff Jablanksy from BBC Autos. (He and Blake were cute enough to wear matching shirts…)

[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″][/youtube]

The podcast will be made available through a variety of means, including iTunes and as a standard MP3 download.

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5 responses to “Video Teaser: That's right… the Hooniverse Podcast is coming back”

  1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    <img src="; width="320">

  2. Maxichamp Avatar


  3. lilwillie Avatar

    Two finger gap….Awesome.

  4. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    "Loud pipes save lives.
    Even for assassins.
    Which is ironic."
    -Blake Z. Rong

  5. BobWellington Avatar

    After the loss of Roundabout, we need all the auto podcasts we can get.