Video: Speed:Sport:Life tackles Bring Your Own Big Wheel AKA BYOBW

Rob Krider is a man who’s obsessed with racing. This friend of the Hooniverse has graced our virtual pages in the past, and we’ve witnessed first hand just how focused the man can be. We’ve shown you his autocross antics, and our own eyes got to see him flip a car during a 24 Hours of LeMons race, which was the best LeMons finish ever, by the way. Now, Rob has turned his attention to a new form of motorsport… well, that’s not entirely correct. This is a sport, but there are no “motors” other than the human body and the pull of gravity.

The event is called Bring Your Own Big Wheel, and it takes place in San Francisco. This event, which happens on Easter Sunday, got its start way back in 2000 courtesy of a man named Jon Brumit. Over the years, more and more Big-Wheel-loving folks joined Mr. Brumit as he tackled the second curviest street in the world. Now, the attendees number in the hundreds, and the streets are lined with cheering masses. We’re going to add the qualifier that those cheering masses are most likely drunk, but we’d probably be drunker if in their shoes.

Rob and his Krider Racing crew found the appropriate racing machine, packed up the trailer, and pointed their truck north towards the city by the bay. Thankfully, they also brought cameras. Click past the break to see the awesome mayhem of BYOBW.

[Source: Speed:Sport:Life]

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