Video: Ryan Tuerck needs not music to make an incredible driving film

Ryan Tuerck

Making a good automotive video is not an easy task. Questions one might ask include; What type of music should we use? Which locations should we utilize? What car should we cover? Who should host the video? For driver Ryan Tuerck and director Andrew Laputka, you can throw out all of those questions. Just let Ryan do his thing, and Andrew and his crew will capture it.

The result is a video called Off Seasons Two: Ryan Tuerck Drifts the Wild, and it might be my favorite video so far this year. Yes, I know it’s very early to say that, but the clip is excellent. There’s no music, just gorgeous shots of a man who clearly understands car control. Additionally, his rig sounds righteously evil while it paints two stripes seemingly the entire way up a country back road.

Enough talk… hop past the break and watch the clip.

[Source: YouTube]

[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″][/youtube]

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13 responses to “Video: Ryan Tuerck needs not music to make an incredible driving film”


    Is there anything better in the world than the sound of a pissed off DOHC turbo straight 6?
    Simply a beautiful video. Nothing but incredible car control, awesome cinematography, and a screaming JZ.

    1. derek Avatar

      a pissed off turbo 3 rotor

  2. krazykarguy Avatar

    Filmed at Ascutney Mountain Road in Vermont.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Ah, good to know, thanks!

      1. krazykarguy Avatar

        From a friend who posted the same to my FB wall:
        "Just about every turn is blind and they all look the same going into them. Makes it hard to remember the course."
        So that fact makes this vid even more spectacular…

  3. stickmanonymous Avatar

    Driving videos should –never– have music. Unless the video's of a Nissan Leaf or equivalent, and then only for pedestrian safety.
    It's fairly likely that whatever the editor thinks is great music either
    a) isn't
    b) isn't better.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I do think that good licensed music could work in certain situations… but we could never afford it.
      Also, music works perfectly here:
      [youtube LKZKIlpG-OI youtube]

      1. stickmanonymous Avatar

        I can still hear the enginey bits, so it's nowhere near as egregious as, say, adding dubstep to a Lancia Stratos video.

        1. dead_elvis Avatar

          Dubstep ruins everything.

      2. CABEZAGRANDE Avatar

        I agree, the right music can really enhance the experience, although in general I prefer no music. This is a great example. The music perfectly fits the tone of the car and video, and they still let you hear the car at strategic points. It really comes down to if I ever think "STFU I WANT TO HEAR THE CAR!" or not while watching.
        And lol, that video of the Hotchkis E-Max is awesome 🙂
        [youtube rAshM8GAf-0 youtube]

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          Such an awesome machine

        2. Dean Bigglesworth Avatar
          Dean Bigglesworth

          I think you answered your own question, yes there is something that sounds better than a pissed off DOHC turbo straight 6. It's called a pissed of NA straight 6 😉

  4. apfeifer3 Avatar

    The chasing shot around 3:50 is my favorite part. The whole thing was nice though!