Video: Big Muscle shows us a super sleeper 1972 Nova

I’m not in love with every show on the Drive network on YouTube. There are, however, a few shows that should be firmly planted on your radar. Oddly enough, all three shows are shot and produced by our friends behind the excellent videos from I’m talking about Ride Apart, Tuned, and the newcomer Big Muscle.

It’s that last one that I’m going to talk about right now because the latest episode happens to feature a car that I think is an early Hooniverse Car of the Year candidate. Host Mike Musto, AKA Mr. Angry, (AKA Mr. Surprising Falsetto) travels to Northern Chicago to meet the owner of a fairly plain looking 1972 Chevrolet Nova.

While it might look like your standard Craigslist find, it has a bit of a secret lurking beneath. I’m not going to spoil the video for you, so click past the break to watch the clip…

[Source: Big Muscle on YouTube]

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