V.I.S.I.T. – The Dodge that's worth taking a second look!

This is my first V.I.S.I.T. posting for Hooniverse, and I have been saving up this gem for quite a while. Since this category is suppose to be “Vehicles I Saw In Traffic”, I’m going to rename it for my purposes as “Vehicles I Spotted (while) In Transit!”, because this jewel was not in any traffic lately. So is a 1987 Dodge with over 176,000 miles worth the asking price of $2,800 (or BO!)? Find out after the jump! I spotted this Dodge Van almost two years ago near my place of residence, and I wanted to get better pictures of it. I never did because it was parked at a private residence, and then it disappeared. I was very disappointed until late last year, I spotted it again, at one of the most unusual garages in town. Yes, this was once a Renault dealer, that also sold Peugeot, and Citroen. It was once called Gig Motors, but is now a small truck repair center, and a (very well) used car lot of some sort. The “Showroom” is now a parts counter, and houses an upholstery shop as well. Anyway, it seems that one of the mechanics owns this tastefully customized Dodge Ram Van, though I never did get around to interview him. A couple of details as you thumb through the images: Notice that the door handles are shaved off (it has electric door poppers), and the Cabriolet Roof has a rear spoiler. Is it a Six or a V-8? I have no clue. Look what else is on the lot: A mid 70’s Corvette, and a Plymouth Turismo! What a find (not!).

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