V.I.S.I.T. – So, What does a 90% Restored 1982 Imperial Look Like?

Around the same time I spotted a Dodge Ram Van, with a custom Cabriolet Roof Treatment, I spotted another Chrysler offspring in the form of a 1982 Chrysler Imperial. When these came out, they were quite breathtaking, in a weird Malaise sort of way. With a long front end, and a Seville like “Bustle Back” end, it was all very interesting. Well my fellow readers, this one is still quite interesting, but you will have to make the jump to see it. Here it is, and it is suppose to be 90% restored. I’m not seeing it, as the headlamp doors are missing, and the paint scheme is quite revolting. If you comtinue to look, the rear window molding is missing pieces, the driver side window doesn’t seat properly, and the interior needs major work. However, I am thinking that this would totally rock as a LeMons Race Car, with a rock steady 318 V-8, and an indestructible Torqueflite Automatic. And it has a built in theme, a low rider that has gone terribly bad…. Or just make an Imperial General Lee, and go racing. I’m sure the owner will accept 1/2 of his asking price, and you can sell off the glass, radio, and other things to make up the $500. One more thing, take a look at the rear end, and see the subtle striping here…… Oh My Lord.

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