V.I.S.I.T. – Is This Lincoln Continental Really Worth Saving?

I spotted this 1984 (or was it an 85, or it could be an 86) Lincoln Continental with a For Sale signs placed on it at a local car show. Usually, I’m a big fan of Malaise hardware, but I never did like this version of the Continental. It was based off the Fox Platform, and there were a few equipped with a BMW Turbo Diesel (though this one wasn’t so equipped). No, what was so unappealing was the styling that was so haphazard, overwrought, and somewhat dumpy all at the same time.

What made this particular car so unappealing was the fact that the owner didn’t even do a thorough cleaning, which would have gone a long way in making this car a bit more presentable. The Carriage Roof needed a scrubbing, and the velour interior also needed a good cleaning.

As it sits, this car is a definite no sale in my book. Hmmmmm, I wonder if it could be bought for LeMons money.

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  1. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    If you like this, you might as well go all in and get a K-car LeBaron.

    1. skitter Avatar

      Please, go for the full Executive limousine.
      Stay classy

      1. topdeadcentre Avatar

        K-car limousines are so ridiculous that they're awesome. I've only seen one on the street, back in the late 1990's in Cambridge, MA.

  2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    Agreed. Anything Fox-bodied is worth saving just because of how potentially awesome the "LTD Scott treatment" could make it.

  3. LTDScott Avatar

    I have sick thoughts of making one of them a sleeper.

    1. vwminispeedster Avatar

      You/your LTD is becoming a meme (see above). In this case its a good thing.

  4. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    I can see this as the starting point of some ill-advised customization. I'm thinking ultimate sleeper, supercharged Lightning motor,
    or possibly flames, teeth and zoomies sticking out of the hood.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      Isn't it amazing how often the term "ill-advised" shows up in the Hooniverse comment stream?
      I love this place.

    2. Tomsk Avatar

      I say a new 4-cam 5.0 under the hood, 5- or 6-speed and a '99-'04 SVT Cobra IRS setup.
      Name? Coyote Ugly.

  5. Jim-Bob Avatar

    The worst thing about these is that awful air suspension system that was guaranteed to fail and turn it into a low rider. Sorry but I just have no love for these things.

  6. Alff Avatar

    These are a reminder that the malaise era hung on a bit longer at certain brands.

  7. RichardKopf Avatar

    Looks like an `84 based on the lack of a third brake light.

    1. Alff Avatar

      … or an owner removed it in the hope that someone behind would put him out of his misery.

    2. tonyola Avatar

      The third brake light didn't become law until the 1986 model year.

      1. RichardKopf Avatar

        I thought it was `85? I know for sure my `85 Fleetwood had one.

  8. OA5599 Avatar

    Worth saving from what? It is undented and looks like it got to the show under its own power, so it is likely worth more than crusher money as a commuter. Not a lot more than crusher money, though.

  9. Abe Avatar

    It is the foxinental!
    I'm in with the sleeper setup. Keep everything outwardly stock and then put a built 5.0 with a monster shot of N20, a built trans and an air locker under it.

  10. tonyola Avatar

    If I'm going to go to the trouble to keep a complex, air-suspended, Fox-based car alive, it'll be an '86+ Mark VII LSC, not this real-estate-agent special.
    And what happened to my points?

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      On the bright side, at least your "Onward to 100!" description is once again relevant.

      1. tonyola Avatar

        Heh, I do need to change that, don't I? Looks like the points are back anyway.

    2. Maymar Avatar

      As much as my non-Mustang Fox love is primarily represented by the Mark VII, this Continental has potential, for the right price…
      At the very least, the air suspension can be swapped out for something more conventional, right?

    3. facelvega Avatar

      Ditto on the Mark VII, nearly bought one myself once and have long regretted missing it. This Continental on the other hand should be shelved.

  11. humblejanitor Avatar

    Oh my. It looks like an abortion on wheels.
    Who would buy it?

  12. FullMontePython Avatar

    I owned an 86' Continental for 6 years, and just sold it last month for $800 (Way more than I was expecting, given the shape). The buyer was a British college student studying abroad, who wanted the most American car he could find for his 4 months here.
    Ironically, I was selling the Lincoln because I had just bought the most British car I could find, a 1970 MGB GT.

  13. packratmatt Avatar

    Used to be these cars were good for the rear end and that was it (poor man's rear disc set up). The rest went to ze crusher.

  14. yellofury Avatar

    I dont think its in all that bad of condition. Keep it as is!!!

  15. sam Avatar

    I don't comment much but this old turd is a good one for the right person. Not for someone that knows anything about cars but for some old lady who has a heavy foot and likes to pass or some old dude about 65 who wears really bad clothes but keeps his white walls clean and parks in a high vis. spot when hitting up the elks club.