V.I.S.I.T – A Built 1967 Chevy Camaro RS – What would you pay for it?

There were some interesting cars that were for sale at a car show I attended over the past weekend, and here’s another one. This is a modified 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS, and it looks like there was a lot of work performed. The seller didn’t indicate a price, so I’m asking the Hooniverse minds; What would you pay for this car?

According to a note left on the dash, the car is equipped as follows:
– 383 Cubic Inch Stroker
– 9.5 to 1 Compression Ratio
– Balanced and Blueprinted
– Scat cast crank (Whatever the hell that means)
– TRW Flat top pistons with 4-valve relief
– 5.7 Chevrolet Rods with APR Rod Bolts
– Chevrolet Cast Iron Heads with Stainless Steel Valves

– Melling High Volume Oil Pump
– 400 Harmonic Damper and Flywheel
– 2500 stall torque converter
– Howard’s Cams with… whatever the hell he said about them.
– Chevrolet DZ302 dual plane aluminum intake
– Holley 750 Carburetor
– Edelbrock high volume water pump
– Turohydramatic 350 Automatic with Shift Kit
– A new ignition system
– Headers with Flowmaster exhaust
– 12 bolt Positraction rear end

This looks like its set up to be a 1/4 mile race car, and it will be hard to live with it day to day. It’s not something I want, but it may just be the car for you. So, how much would you spend on this built Camaro RS? Leave your thoughts here.

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  1. waltgator Avatar

    I am a ford guy, but this chevy camaro is really nice! i would buy it in a heart beat!

  2. boostedlegowgn Avatar

    There, I just scat-cast a crank.

  3. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    I'd make a few appearance tweaks to make it my own, but that's a pretty sweet ride.
    Good shape and well sorted, but not particularly unique or special…I'd probably guess the guy wants ~$20k. I'd consider it really worth more like $12-15k.
    –Death to comic sans
    –It's dual, not duel exhaust…unless you're saying it fights for its sister's honor with pistols at dawn.
    –It's mandrel bent tubing, unless you mean you've got a bunch of these guys doing the work:
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/93/Mandril.jpg/400px-Mandril.jpg"&gt;

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      It's actually "mandrel." Besides, that mandril looks legit to me; let him have a go at it. I'm sure I've done worse when bending my own exhaust.

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        That's what I said.
        (evil laughter from behind the site admin desk…)

    2. alcology Avatar

      I've used these dudes in the past, they really know how to scat cast a crank.

  4. tonyola Avatar

    1. That's a 1968 stripe on the front. The all-encircling 1967 stripe looks better.
    2. It's automatic.
    3. It's probably a terrible daily driver.
    4. I do admit that the blue color looks nice.
    I don't want this, but I'd bet it would go for $25K-$30K. That's about what a stock '67 RS/SS350 coupe in good shape goes for on Hemmings, and that's what I'd rather have.

  5. facelvega Avatar

    I guess in one sense for me the actual value right now is $23,975 because that's the base MSRP of a new automatic V6 Camaro, and given the choice I'd take this car over that one in a heartbeat. But if I was really going to buy old muscle, I'd go AMC, but to keep the price down and because it's AMC.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    It's funny, I've never really had much of a jones for the first generation Camaros. Sure, they're great cars, and this one's a fine example, but like the contemporary Mopars, they're just too popular and overdone. I'd rather have a Mustang, but that still doesn't get me all that excited. I'm with facelvega, give me something a little more esoteric like an AMX. Actually, I like the big luxury power boats of this era, Toronados, Rivieras, Torinos and the like more than the Camaro, but that's just me. This is a nice car, and I'm sure it hauls ass, but I'd rather have a big old Buick GS.

  7. Jim-bob Avatar

    With that 106 degree lobe separation angle and 9.5:1 compression ratio it probably has a very rough idle and soft throttle response at anything other than WOT. Why? Well the tight LSA means that the intake and exhaust valves have a ton of overlap (when the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time) and thus bleeds off a lot of low RPM cylinder pressure and causes a choppy idle. Honestly that cam is too big for that engine. It was likely chosen because it would have a radical idle and not because it would actually be well matched to the combination. A cam with a wider LSA and all of the other specs the same would actually be quicker and more well tailored to the car. However, it is likely that this car, like many musclecars today, is intended for power parking rather than a dragstrip run and thus was set up to sound cool pulling in to a parking lot. Also, saying "300 duration" doesn't tell you ANYTHING about the cam without the lift value that it was measured between (commonly .050 is the benchmark and gross duration could be measured from a number of points.).

  8. muthalovin Avatar

    The thing is, everybody and their mom has a Camaro these days, and, as a member of Hooniverse, my choices for cars is a little different from the gen. pop. The color is sessy as all get-out, but, aside from that, no. For the price (methinks $27k because Camaro owners think their cars will fetch outrageous prices), there is a lot of other funky metal out there.

    1. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan


  9. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    "Scat" is a company, and a cast crank is probably not the best bet. The piston speeds on 383s get really questionable really quickly. Just sayin'.