Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #94: Welding & Grinding & Racing, Oh My!

Garrett’s RZ350 is sooo close to complete, Eric broke down and pulled the top end from the sad-trombone XS400, and another project that will never be completed has dropped in my lap.

After our Workshop Update, we talk about new bikes that are here or coming soon, and then discuss recent competition, both off-road and on asphalt.

False Neutral – Welding & Grinding & Racing, Oh My!

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The 3D-printed junction Garrett created to mate the stock oil injection with aftermarket carbs.
My free Harley 350SS frame, mocked up with Suzuki forks and wheels.
These ordinary (non-thrust) sealed ball bearings were scarily installed in the steering stem when I got it.
My Vulcan ProTIG 165 welder.
The head of Eric’s XS400 shows lots of carbon, especially on the valve seats.
2020 Triumph Street Triple RS
What does Kawasaki still have under wraps?
Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2019

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