2023 4Runner 40th Anniversary Special Edition

Toyota delivers 40th Anniversary 4Runner with great heritage graphics

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the Toyota 4Runner. To celebrate, Toyota is launching an appealing package called the 40th Anniversary Special Edition. This 2023 4Runner gets some nice wheels, some interior fine-tuning, and a seriously sweet tape job on the outside. There are three colors to choose from here; White, Barcelona Red, and Midnight Black Metallic but the star of the show is the red, orange, and yellow body graphic.

Toyota starts with an SR5 Premium trim truck, then tosses on the retro graphic and lovely 17″ alloy wheels finished in a bronze color. I think this package looks best on the black truck, personally, but I think it really looks cool on any of the three.

2023 4Runner 40th Anniversary Special Edition

For the US Market, Toyota plans to serve up 4,040 examples here. Each one is numbered and each is only available as a 4WD model. The interior gets bronze-colored cross-stitching, 40th-anniversary floor mats, and a 40th-anniversary logo on the seats. Under the hood is the familiar 270-horsepower 4.0-liter V6. Backing that up is the 5-speed automatic that I think may have been around since the 10th anniversary of this truck.

A 2022 4Runner SR5 4WD with Premium options is a bit over $40k. So I expect this version to land right in that same neighborhood. Knowing the Toyota faithful, the automaker will have no issues moving all 4,040 as quickly as possible either. Assuming dealers won’t be marking these ones up… Oh, who am I kidding, of course they will!

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5 responses to “Toyota delivers 40th Anniversary 4Runner with great heritage graphics”

  1. Sjalunner Avatar

    Boy, does that look cool. The might of the sticker. When Volvo celebrated its 50 years anniversary, they send 50 special edition cars each to 10 countries. Making 4040 special 4Runners seems like a more seriously celebrated anniversary.

  2. William Byrd Avatar
    William Byrd

    Curious what it costs, with a relatively low production number, it’ll definitely get markups. If anyone wants to see it with straight stripes, now you have.

  3. Tiller188 Avatar

    *climbs up on public bench*

    Check out that 4-by-4! That is hot.

    (Yeah, I know, wrong model, and the pickup was all-black, but the 80s-tastic stripes put me in the mindset! Not actually that big a fan in this case, though; the truck itself just looks too modern and the retro graphics just aren’t that big or well-integrated, so they feel very tacked-on.)

  4. Julia Avatar

    It looks cool, with this design i think many people will like this car friday night funkin

  5. jingerbell Avatar

    Making 4040 special 4Runners seems like a more seriously celebrated anniversary thats awesome vofomovies