ItalVolanti Steering wheel in a Mitsubishi Montero

Tony Montero: The new steering wheel is in and looks great

My ItalVolanti steering wheel is in! I needed to source a hub and I found on from a UK seller on eBay. The hub arrived with mounting screws included and it was short, easy work to get this new tiller tucked into place. And I have to say, the results are excellent.

The color works better than I expected. I’m in love with the smaller diameter wheel, which I was also unsure about. And the horn buttons all work too, which is great. Honestly, now I’m just worried about ruining the leather with my greasy mitts. But I’ll do my best to take care of this one. The original steering wheel will go on my wall as garage art for now, unless I come across a Montero owner in need. It’s in perfect shape, so maybe someone out there could use it.

ItalVolanti Steering wheel in a Mitsubishi Montero

Up next for Tony Montero? A new exhaust system from Magnaflow. I had the truck smogged the other day and it passed with flying colors. Still, I would love a bit better noise coming out of this thing without it droning or sounding meaner than it is. So the Magnaflow setup will go in this week. I’ll try to get before and after video so we can compare the tones.

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5 responses to “Tony Montero: The new steering wheel is in and looks great”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Looks great! And in my opinion, oils from hands only helps condition old leather. It’s drying out that causes the most damage.

  2. neight428 Avatar

    that’s sharp. Do you have a “before” shot handy?

    1. Maymar Avatar
  3. Matt Avatar

    That really looks good.Nice work

  4. DBG Avatar

    How the world has changed. I used to swap out steering wheels without it being a two part article. I guess it was considered no big deal, and not very interesting.