Tiny toy car restoration relaxation: Watch this old dump truck come back to life

This is a spa day for car nerds. Welcome to your version of ASMR. Say hello, once again, to the delightful skill and voice of BareMetalHW!

Today, the subject at hand is a Scammell Mountaineer Dump Truck. It’s fitted with a snow plow and the ravages of time. But that’s about to change. The time part, at least. Find some headphones. Click play. And cozy up to the glory of BareMetalHW.

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3 responses to “Tiny toy car restoration relaxation: Watch this old dump truck come back to life”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    It’s a great channel, I wish I had more time, patience and skill to get into that side of the diecast hobby. Mostly just a collector, best I’ve done is a few wheel swaps and light detail. The skill of some of the restorers and modifiers out there is incredible, fabricating tiny detail pieces from scratch in some cases.

  2. Scoutdude Avatar

    Not to discount the amount of work that goes into making it look factory fresh, I’d rather have it with the patina.

  3. Suzi Avatar

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