This smashed Honda Odyssey could be perfect for LeMons

I think pretty much any Honda is a good idea with respect to a “race car” for the 24 Hours of LeMons. You have easy access to parts, the engines are simple, and the cars are generally quite reliable. But the price of a used anything right now is, frankly, insane. Especially a Honda in good working order. But let’s say it’s a Honda Odyssey and let’s take it further to say that someone… pardon the technical term here, smashed the shit out of it.

This is a 2001 Honda Odyssey for sale on my local Craigslist. It has 150k on the odometer but the seller says the transmission was rebuilt around 40k miles ago. The van, despite the damage, runs and drives with just the need of a new battery to get rolling.

Per the ad, the seller is asking $999. I imagine you can get this one for less though… and then turn it into some sort of Honda Odyssey-amino. Chop out the rear and part of the roof and give LeMons a go.

Here’s the link to the full ad:

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2 responses to “This smashed Honda Odyssey could be perfect for LeMons”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    “Chop out the rear and part of the roof and give LeMons a go.”

    Personally I’d rather see it on track with no exterior work beyond verifying that the remaining brake light is functional.

  2. Salguod Avatar

    Based on my experience with a 1999 Odyssey, 40K is about half the transmission life. Ours was replaced by Honda at 40K, again at 120K and was showing signs of failure again at 205K.

    If you’re going to race it, better bring a spare.

    Better yet, did Honda make a manual that would bolt up to that V6?