This Papercraft Überbird Soars into My Heart

Insert Slot Awesome into Tab Bad-ass
Reader SmokyBurnout has recently taken up the wonderful art of papercraft. He stumbled across a template for a 1984 BMW 635CSi. Not content with the basic German goodness contained in the kit, he decided to produce his own version. The result has my jaw on the floor. Hop the jump for photos of what this template can turn into when an X-acto wielding Van Gogh gets a hold of it. He nailed it! Look closely at the detail on the image above. Every time I stare at it I find another subtle nuance in the template. From the way he captured the noise to the details on the decals, the level of awesome here is off the charts.
He even got the license plate!
Here are two copies of the template and a few more shots of this papercraft creation:

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