This Mazda mighty mini is ready for the dirt

A small car is fun. A small car modified for rally use is wonderful. And I found one for sale. This 1992 Mazda MX-3 is living its best life, and now it can be your MX-3. The owner has modified it so they can run it in rally events. It looks well sorted.

The Craigslist post says the car was last raced in August. It sits ready to rock again for anyone with $7,500 to bring it home. And you’re getting a fully built machine for that price. There’s a lot going on here so I’m going to paste the text from the ad:

Log booked and 100% ready to race. Legal to race with NASA and ARA. Or take it to any rallycross, OHV park, or desert area!
Last raced at the end of August
Very easy to drive car, rotates effortlessly, tons of power, sounds amazing!
Drivetrain / Enginebay
2.5L KLZE V6 (200HP, 8500RPM redline)
G4 intake / KL47 ported throttle body
OBD2 conversion
MAF/IAT conversion (with custom brace)
External coil / HEI ignition conversion
Long tube headers
Wideband O2
Holly Hydromat fuel pickup
Walbro 255 external fuel pump
5-speed with Mazdaspeed LSD
Oversized Griffin aluminum radiator
Dual electric fans with temp switch and override switches
Battery jumper / distribution posts
Hella Horns
Poly motor mount
Oversized power steering reservoir

LED headlights in projector housings
OEM GT500 hood vent
Quick removable lightbar with 2x yellow halogen projectors, 2x HID corner lights, 1x LED lightbar
Rallyarmor mudflaps

HotBits with external reservoirs (fully rebuilt 1 race ago)
Fully adjustable camber and caster front top mounts, camber only in the rear
1/8 steel plated front shock towers
Plated rear shock towers
Adjustable limiting straps
Fully custom rear suspension
All 1.5″ DOM, 1/4″ wall tubing
1/8″ double sheer plates
Greaseable joints
Adjustable toe

Manual brake conversion
Upgraded rear brakes to disc
Rear lines routed through interior
Porterfield racing pads all around
Wilwood hydraulic handbrake
Rear brake line shut-off valve

Cobra Monaco Pro seats
Bluetooth tablet gauge cluster
Relocated windshield wiper fluid reservoir
Relocated battery behind seats
Powersport AGM battery
Custom impact gun mount
Custom scissor jack mount
Ammocan toolbox
Front red LED cab lighting
Rear white LED trunk lighting
LED adjustable co-driver light
Dual USB ports for tablet or GoPro charging
Fuel pump, fan, acc, USB override switches
Wideband O2 gauge
Power windows
Front electric windshield defroster
Custom bluetooth tablet gauge cluster with multiple modes (race, recce, street)
Battery cutoff switch
First aid kit
Helmet hammock
Fire extinguishers with aluminum quick release
Driver / co-driver bags for storage
Window breakers / belt cutters
NRG quick release hub
Sparco steering wheel
Roof scoop with adjustable vents
Reduced and removed all unneeded factory wiring, rear wiper motor, etc.
Cup holder

New paint a couple months ago
15″ Protege wheels with Federal rally tires
Spare MX-3 wheels with spare rally tires
Full-size 1/4″ aluminum skid plate
Quick plug for battery charger

Spare parts
Fan shroud and fans
Brake pads
Engine (for parts or rebuild)
Bumpers (front and rear)
Rear hatch (with glass intact)
Fuse boxes, wire harness
Factory gauge clusters
Original ECU and VAF setup
Brake master and reservoir
New tie rods, ball joints, wheel spacers
New steering rack
Drivers side door

It does need an exhaust. It got ripped off from the headers back during the last race. I will put on an exhaust before selling it. Or, if you want to do your own exhaust, I will sell it as is and knock a little off the price.

It was rolled in 2017, but as you can see, it was fully rebuilt better than it was before. The roll, rebuild, and tons of other pictures and video are available on the team Facebook page

This is a fantastic toy if you have the space. And if you were considering getting into local rally events, this is a fairly low buck way to do so. You basically need to add your own racing suit, helmet, and fuel.

The full listing is here:

Someone needs to scoop this up ASAP and get it running fast down a dusty road.

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One response to “This Mazda mighty mini is ready for the dirt”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Looks good, don’t think you would be able to build it for less (especially with all the bits & pieces), at least not by enough to make up for spending months of your life on it. Would be a good starter car.

    Had a ride in a standard one by a guy who’d picked it up cheap. He was impressed by how fast it was; I wasn’t but it did rev!