This is what three years with a Porsche 911 SC looks like

Kevin McCauley is a talented photographer based in Texas. Often, his subjects include all sorts of automobiles. And he makes them look good. He’s also quite skilled at making his own machines look rather lovely. For proof, look no further than Kevin’s fantastic Porsche 911 SC.

McCauley chronicled his past three years with the 911. It makes for both an intriguing peek at classic Porsche ownership and a chance to sample more of Kevin’s great imagery.

The car was purchased back in the fall of 2016. Kevin bought the car on eBay and had it shipped to his house. An open-air trailer plucked the car from Cleveland, Ohio and transported it to Kevin’s home in Texas. He’d been talking about buying one for the prior 6 months, and now this wonderful white on black example was sitting before him.

With just 80,000 miles on its odometer, Kevin’s car is a great example of an early 911. Head over to his blog to read more about what he needed to fix, what he’s changed, and what he wants to do going forward. You’ll enjoy the words and pictures, I guarantee it.

If you want to follow Kevin’s work, I suggest you find him on Instagram. You can do that here:

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5 responses to “This is what three years with a Porsche 911 SC looks like”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    Hey, a local! Great looking car and photos.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    Not a fan of the Martini stripes, but to each his own. Everything else is sweet, especially the whale tail delete.

    1. bv911 Avatar

      (esoterica ahead)

      SC’s didn’t come with whale tails standard.

      A lot of folks remove the tails, but leave the front lip the factory includes to balance the lift reduction. Mayhem ensues.

      Either his car never had, or whoever removed did a thorough job.

      I’l stop here, lest someone finds me being a d-bag…!

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        Well, if you clicked on the link, you’d see that it had both when this guy bought it, and both were removed.

        1. bv911 Avatar

          Whoops, no, no clickie, this place is enough of a time suck for me, can’t afford (any longer) to go spend hours on cool build threads.

          Though sometimes I do fall off the wagon (looking at you Pelican Parts Forums!).

          Anyway, props to him for doing it right, on multiple levels…