This is the cutest little RUF Yellowbird you’ll ever see

Andrew Ritter is one-half of the founding team of Stanceworks. He’s also a talented artist, lover of all things automotive, and the owner of one sweet-ass first-gen Montero. And now he’s creator/collaborator on a new run of legendary automobiles done in 1/43 scale. This is the first such product from his Ritter Goods line, which has teamed up with RUF to create a desk-deployable version of the iconic Yellowbird.

If you need a reminder of why the RUF Yellowbird is amazing (and Stefan Roser, the driver, as well), here you go:

As for the scale version, it features a cartoonish take yet one that’s instantly recognizable at the same time. And it still manages to deliver incredible details. The body is done in resin. On the inside, you have the seats, the roll cage, and an accurate gauge cluster that includes the speedo pegged at the car’s 213 mph top speed.

The car was announced for sale, with an asking price of $125. A lot for a small car, but not for one that’s a limited-production collectible. And the first of more models to come as well. I’d link the sales page but we’ve all already missed out and everyone has been snatched up. But if you want to see the next one, keep an eye on the Ritter Goods website or Andrew’s Instagram.

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4 responses to “This is the cutest little RUF Yellowbird you’ll ever see”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Damn, that’s a lotta money for a glorified ChoroQ and they ain’t cheap either, but clearly there’s a market.

  2. papa freezeria Avatar

    Thank you for the article! I have studied about similar subjects! Unlike other submissions, however, I have a very unique impression of yours. I hope you will continue to share articles of this caliber with the public.

  3. stumble guys Avatar

    yes, it’s cute

  4. crypto wallet app Avatar

    The RUF Yellowbird is a timeless classic, and this miniature version captures its essence perfectly! The attention to detail is remarkable, making it the epitome of cuteness in the automotive world. It’s like the iconic Yellowbird got its own adorable clone!