This is the Cosworth-built V12 that will power the Aston Martin Valkyrieand it sounds amazing

Aston Martin have turned to Cosworth for the engine that will power the insane Valkyrie hypercar. It’s a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 and it screams up to a towering 11,500 rpm redline. Horsepower? It sits at 1,000. Torque? Peak power is 516 pound-feet and it arrives up at 7,000 rpm. The best bit though, is just how the damn thing sounds. Henry Catchpoole from Carfection stopped by the Cosworth HQ to check out the engine, hear it run, and learn a lot more about it.

One of the more fascinating bits comes from the mouth of Bruce Wood. He’s the Managing Director of Cosworth, and he’s revealed that development on the full-size engine started with a smaller one. Before the V12 came to be, Cosworth built a three-cylinder engine so as to develop the proper architecture while also ensuring that the finished product would make power and still be emissions compliant. That three-cylinder engine was also naturally aspirated and produced 250 horsepower.

Cosworth needs to license that engine out to Ford or Mazda, stat.

But back to the bigger power plant. Click play above to hear it scream. The Valkyrie is going to be astounding when it finally hits the road.

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2 responses to “This is the Cosworth-built V12 that will power the Aston Martin Valkyrieand it sounds amazing”

  1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    The three cylinder belongs in a Morgan three wheeler.