This '63 Ford Country Sedan Is Your Perfect Surf Wagon

1963 Ford Country Sedan The sky is clear. The waves are rolling in smoothly over an otherwise glassy day at sea. You live in California, so you inexplicably have free time at 10am on a Wednesday morning. It’s time to load up your board and your wetsuit, and point then nose of your car towards the Pacific Ocean. If this scenario were to play out in your head, what sort of vehicle would you be driving? I bet a good portion of you would imagine something like this 1963 Ford Country Sedan that’s itching for a new owner. I wish the price were a tad lower, but it’s a very clean car according to the ad. The 352 V8 under the hood has seen a rebuild, and the car is fitted with both power steering and brakes. Someone out there needs a new surf rig, and this is a classically cool way to get yourself to the sand. [Source: Craigslist]

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