1UZ engine swapped into toyota cressida wagon

This 1UZ-swapped Toyota Cressida wagon must rip

I’ve long thought that the 1UZ engine is the mill I prefer for engine swaps over the more ubiquitous 2JZ swap. The sound of a V8 is far more appealing to me. And there are plenty of 1UZ engines out there to find. I once saw once stuffed under the hood of a ratty pre-runner Tacoma and immediately fell in love. Now I’m falling even deeper in love because someone plopped one beneath the hood of a humble Toyota Cressida wagon, and it’s for sale.

1UZ engine swapped into toyota cressida wagon

The 1UZ-FE used here was taken from a 1995 Lexus LS sedan. It should make north of 260 horsepower and nearly 270 lb-ft of torque. Sure, that doesn’t sound like a ton but it’s more than enough to get this longroof up to speed. And it will sound excellent climbing through its rev range.

This wagon has more tricks up its sleeve too. Here’s the full listing:

Smog legal (with bar sticker) conversion Cressida wagon . current smog certificate transferable to new owner
Lexus ls400 v8 2nd gen (95 ls400) sounds amazing
Lexus automatic
custom 1 piece driveshaft
fully functioning ODB system
Timing belt and seals replaced
new starter
AN stainless plumbed oil filter relocation
Mishimoto aluminium radiator and fans
New heater core
complete Silicone hose kit
Ls400 dash cluster (rebuilt)
Ls400 rebuilt ecu with upgraded capacitors
Injen cold air intake with carb label

Mk1 supra rear end with disc brakes
new Weir engineering 5 lug drilled axles drilled rotors, new bearings and seals,
Techno toy 4 bar setup(need to be installed) with panhard bar
tokico short stroke shocks
Addco rear sway bar

front coil overs and techno toy camber plates
Koni adjustable struts
Z32 4 piston calipers 5 lug hubs
larger master cylinder
rebuilt rack and pinion, new lower control arms and ball joints, new tie rod ends,
new power steering pump and hi pressure hose

17″ 3 piece Enkie Intelesse rims 17×8 fr 17×9 rr
Jdm rear tail lights
Mercedes W114 front and rear bumpers

Xcessive front seat bracket 1 installed 1 in a box
drivers seat Flofit
passenger seat Mk1 Supra
Pioneer double din stereo with subwoofer

the title is salvage do to a theft recovery
paints fair
carpets fair

Don’t make an offer without coming and looking at the wagon
Don’t have to sell so low balling wont work

Text please No emails

There’s a lot happening here. And one of the most notable items is listed right at the front that this is a smog-legal swap here in California. I do believe $9,000 is a lot of money, but for everything done here (assuming it’s been done right) the price really isn’t so crazy. A Cressida wagon is relatively rare here to begin with and now add in the legal V8 swap, suspension upgrades, and brake upgrades, and this one looks like a winner. That’s before we even get to the fact it’s using Euro-spec W114 bumpers. You could always sell those for strong money and make some cash back if you need to pay for all the fuel you’re going to be using.

Find the listing here.

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7 responses to “This 1UZ-swapped Toyota Cressida wagon must rip”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    That’s a cool car and I agree that the 1UZ is potentially a cool swap. The only negative against it is the almost mandatory use of an automatic transmission, as I don’t know of any manual in the States that will mate up to it.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Was there a manual V8 4Runner?

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        I don’t think so… I think they were all automatics. Not sure if the V6’s manual could hold up to the 1UZ, even if it has compatible geometry.
        I’m guessing someone could engineer another (sufficiently robust) manual transmission to it with a custom bell housing, but that complicates what might otherwise be a tidy, simple(ish) swap.

        1. Maymar Avatar

          Definitely no manual V8 4Runner, as it was auto-only by the 2003 generation (even the V6). Although, the V6 FJ Cruiser and Tacoma have had manuals, and the current 3.5 is at least of comparable stoutness to the 1UZ. Although, I’d probably pick a dedicated car transmission (like the CD009 outback_ute mentions, it was certainly one of the first results I got from a quick google), just for the sake of something a little more fun to work with.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Too bad they didn’t sell the wagon version here (well they did in the 60s), it’s an appealing swap.

    Lots of manual options eg T56 or CD009 (used behind Nissan VQ) if standard-ish power.

    Have you seen the Nugget Garage swap of a Century V12 turbo into a Cressida?

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    That sounds and looks dangerously close to perfect, I love it! But what is happening with the front bumper?

  4. Neight428 Avatar

    really cool build, interior looks like it has had 35 years of sun bleaching, but somewhere, someone will find that to be a charming patina. Price is now $7k, not bad.