RC ICORT Hyundai Galloper

This 1/10 scale Hyundai Galloper RC build is mighty impressive

The Hyundai Galloper is a badge-engineered Mitsubishi Montero. I saw a handful of them on a recent trip to Costa Rica. The boxy trucks blended right in with a glut of Monteros, Pajeros, and Dodge Raiders. The one you see above… It looks pretty tough, right? Well, it’s sitting pretty at just 1/10th the size of the real deal. That’s an remote control truck, and it’s incredibly executed by the Korean RC Car Team ICORT.

Prepare to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole.

Yes, the Galloper is cool. But this channel also features many more similar builds. You can find Unimogs, Camel Trophy-clad Land Rover Discoveries, an old F100, and so much more.

One of the most unique builds is a Land Rover Defender 90 that’s been turned into a scrap truck concept. Sans roof, it’s ready to open-air wheeling. And it tackles all of the obstacles set in front of it.

You’re going to start clicking around on this channel now. I apologize to your boss and coworkers for the time that you’re now going to spend not working.

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