There's a new Ariel Atom and it arrives with Civic Type R heat

Ariel has a new Atom. It’s called the Atom 4 and the mental machine has ascended into a mental plane of existence. Ariel engineers have fitted the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from a Honda Civic Type R behind the driver’s head. The result is a new Atom with 306 horsepower, better aerodynamics, and ridiculous performance numbers.
Well, more ridiculous… it’s always been crazy with this one.

If you come to a stop, then blast away with the intent of finding 60 mph your trip will be over in just 2.8 seconds. Adventure forth to 100 mph and the journey lasts just 6.8 seconds. 
According to Ariel, the newest Atom also boasts greatly improved air flow over the vehicle thanks to new body panels. The chassis is stiffer, and there’s less roll. How much roll was there before?
Want one? According to Jalopnik, it will cost you about $53,000 to begin sussing one out. Dollars-to-Performance wise that’s actually a tremendous bargain. Show up with one of these at your local track day, and watch supercar owners smile a bit less. Their journey home from the track will be more comfortable… but yours will be more heroic.
Your back might not agree, but that kid in the minvan riding next to you on the highway just might. (Hopefully his parent is texting and driving, stay sharp out there).
[Images courtesy of Ariel Motor Company]

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