The Wraith…is for sale!

Packard Walsh thinks he and his gang own the town, as well as the surrounding roads. They race, they steal, adn they kill. One of their victims was Jamie Hankins. He is one victim who longs to set things right. He does so by coming back to life as Jake Kesey (played by Charlie Sheen) and driving one bad-ass ride known only as The Wraith.
The Wraith was based on the 1984 Dodge M4S concept car and it cost around $1.5 million dollars. The rear-wheel drive car was powered by 2.2L Cosworth inline four-cylinder engine. Thanks to twin turbos, the Wraith was said to produce 440 hp making it the perfect ride to enact vengeance, 80’s style. The Wraith destroyed the gang and brought peace to the land, making the world safer an easier to patrol for Sheriff Loomis (played by Randy Quaid).
Want to own a piece of automotive history? Now is your chance because the car is in Wichita, KS…and it’s for sale:

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    "Thin Rain, whom are you haunting,
    That you haunt my door?"
    —Surely it is not I she's wanting;
    Someone living here before—
    "Nobody's in the house but me:
    You may come in if you like and see."
    Thin as thread, with exquisite fingers,—
    Have you seen her, any of you?—
    Grey shawl, and leaning on the wind,
    And the garden showing through?
    Glimmering eyes,—and silent, mostly,
    Sort of a whisper, sort of a purr,
    Asking something, asking it over,
    If you get a sound from her.—
    Ever see her, any of you?—
    Strangest thing I've ever known,—
    Every night since I moved in,
    And I came to be alone.
    "Thin Rain, hush with your knocking!
    You may not come in!
    This is I that you hear rocking;
    Nobody's with me, nor has been!"
    Curious, how she tried the window,—
    Odd, the way she tries the door,—
    Wonder just what sort of people
    Could have had this house before . . .
    Oh, you mean the car, not the poem. I should have known. This is a car site. My bad.

  2. Mozelle Manzella Avatar

    For home mortgage must meet certain conditions?

  3. WraithTechnician01 Avatar

    There was only ONE original Dodge M4S PPG Pace Car built. I was the head technician and traveled with the car to maintain it.
    Check out the message boards at for lots of good info!

    1. Spencer McElroy Avatar
      Spencer McElroy

      can u build the car, do u have the original molds for the wraith car, and specs?

  4. Troy Avatar

    I have a WRAITH M4S fiberglass body shell. no glass and no frame.For sale $3,500 phone 228-313-4264

  5. CDS Performance Avatar
    CDS Performance

    For those interested in getting a Body kit .roller or turn key version of the wraith car we are working on aquiring the molds please contact me at our body kit delivery date will be 1 feb 2013

    1. Wolfs eye Avatar
      Wolfs eye

      Where can I by the original wraith car? I am from Russia and I am very interested in purchasing this car? Here is my mail for reply Thanks in advance!

  6. KBC Avatar

    There is only one original M4S built my Chrysler, and it has remained in their position since building.
    There were 2 copies of it built for the film. One disappeared, the other has had a long history of changing owners with plans for restoration or kit cars.
    And the engine was not Cosworth. It was a Chrysler 2.2 (the same one found in many turbo dodge cars in the 80's and early 90's) with the head being worked-over by Cosworth specifically for this car. Perhaps 4 of these engines exist, including the one in the car. One has been sold to the owners of the movie-copy car that is actually the car this article is referencing.

  7. Micheal Scanlon Avatar
    Micheal Scanlon

    can I drive it

  8. ashlee rogers Avatar
    ashlee rogers

    hey l like this car