The Wonder of It All: Super Car Road Trips Invades New England

Red Ferrari in the morning, hoons start swarming...
Red Ferrari in the morning, hoons start swarming…

Living in Southern California, I am guilty of taking exotic car sightings for granted. At any given time here in behind the Orange Curtain, I can be at a stop light with latest from Maranello on one side and something crafted by the crew from Crewe on the other. I am not saying I get tired of seeing them, it has just lost a bit of the excitement I remember when I was growing up in the Boston area. The most exciting car I would see with any frequency was most likely a Porsche 911 or something expensive with an AMG badge on the back.
Thanks to my brother in-law residing on the RI/CT border, I get a sense of that passion that at times has become dulled…  On the other side of this post is his tale of New England GTG of epic proportions.

For the first time in quite a few years I am excited to go to a car show, I would go as far as to say I am giddy for this show.  This is something special for those of us on the East Coast, not just an American iron car show or a Hot Import Nights, no this is every 12 yearolds dream: super cars.  Super Car Road Trips is making a stop in our area and its better than Christmas morning for me.  The names we all know, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Maserati…all cars that any enthusiast would drool over all parked in one garage, something we dont get to see in my neck of the woods.We arrive and my excitement is boiling over.  I am grinning from ear to ear.  We come around the corner to catch a quick glimpse of a beautiful red Ferrari and I begin to giggle like a little school girl.  We round the corner and go to park the car.  Thankfully its only one level below the show because at this point I am practically running leaving my girlfriend three or four steps behind.
As we enter the show I see one of my dreams, a car I never imagined I would get to see in person, a Ferrari F40.  I stop dead in my tracks.  I remember reading about this car in Car and Driver when it came out and being awe struck by it and there it was in the flesh.  It confused me as to why not a single person is standing near this engineering marvel.  We continue to walk around the show.  Ferrari F360’s and F430’s, Porsches, all beautiful cars but I am drawn to something, a not so super car.  In between two Corvettes is an 80’s Alfa Romeo GTV6.  A nice gentleman in a thick Italian accent says to me “Do you know what that is?” “I love the old GTV6’s.  I have an attraction to ugly cars.”  I thought he was going to stab me in the throat with his key the way he glared at me.The banshee shreak of a Ferrari F355 distracted both of us for long enough for me to slip away, I am safe.  The F355 must have been a war cry for these cars to go pounce the unsuspecting area because they are now all lining up at the exit.  This can’t be, I just got there and they are all leaving?  I am furious, the show is supposed to go until 5:00 that night.  We quickly make our way to the other side of the garage to watch as many of these cars exit.  My anger soon melts away hearing the glorious sounds of Ferrari V8’s, Noble V6’s, Viper V10’s, and Lambo V12’s all providing me with an earful of this mechanical symphony.  Such glorious sounds I have only heard through my computer speakers, now right there in front of me.  This must be heaven.
Sadly as all the cars exit, I realize that this event is coming to an end.  So I plead with you, Super Car Road Trips, please come back.

[Thanks again Ben for the write-up and the photos. If any of you other hoons out there have a great show in your area, send it to us via]

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  1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    If you think southern New England is barren, imagine what passes for a supercar up here.
    Here's a hint – even Boxsters get a second look.

    1. jewfro47 Avatar

      Where's "up here"?
      Because in Edmonton, Alberta, people go gaga over the X6. It's sickening.

      1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar


    2. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      I know, I nearly snap my neck off whenever I see an Aston Martin or a Ferrari zip by.
      Only once in a blue moon.
      come baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    3. BGW, Capt (Ret.) Avatar

      It used to kinda be that way here in the Capital of the Confederacy, but almost overnight, I started seeing dudes commuting in F430s and 911 GT2 RSes, and family-type guys dropping their kids off in Quattroportes and Continentals. There's always been a metric shitton of money around- I mean, we had a family buy their daughter a new 735 for a Sweet 16 present a couple years back, and I understand a current student has been promised a Cayenne on his 18th- but what that money buys has changed dramatically of late.

    4. Benito Avatar

      I live on the coast of Southern Maine. I know what you mean exactly- Porsches blow my mind. I saw a Ferrari once by the beach and broke into tears.

  2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Seems the icons of our youth still stop us in our tracks. Every so often I see something exotic on the highways, sometimes if I'm really lucky at a red light.

  3. supercar insurance Avatar

    Super cars a extraordinary sights to see and you admire the people who have them because you know they have a car of that magnitude especially with having a car make as stunning as a Ferrari they must have a some money in the bank to have and maintain something of that perigee. With that in mind I always feel bad for them because they pay so much for the car and they have to pay a small fortune for the insurance because of the worth of the car. Cars like that hardly go down in value (unless written off in a car accident) and the insurance companies charge a lot for insurance because if anything happens to the cars under full comprehensive insurance the insurance company will a lot out to the driver.

  4. Saint Bastage Avatar
    Saint Bastage

    The Foxwoods resort and Casino was not supposed to be a show but instead a point to meet for a Rally. The exit you so painfully describe was a 1 hour cruise through some fabulous SE Connecticut roads. Most of the cars returned and were available for viewing well in to the evening.
    Foxwoods 2010 rally is in the planning stages and will likely take place somewhat earlier than last year. We are targeting Labor day weekend. We expect a larger turnout and even more tear inspiring cars. Look forward to seeing you all again.
    Saint Bastage
    Rally Coordinator

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Send me more information to when you have it, we would love to highlight this event on the site.

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