ferrari 308 stanceworks honda engine

The StanceWorks Honda-swapped Ferrari 308 gets big aero upgrades

I’ve mentioned this car a few times in the past as it’s one of the most interesting builds out there right now. Mike from StanceWorks has a Ferrari 308 that’s getting a massively built-up Honda engine. It’s also getting a ton of other custom upgrades to turn it into a Time Attack racer. And that means it needs a big aero package. So that’s what it just got.

Now I know that aero is a lot for some people. On the track, it makes a ton of sense, especially for a Time Attack car. Wisely though, Mike has made it removable for when he’s just enjoying the car around town. There’s also a large front splitter that’s also removable. All of the upgrades and modifications to this car have been done with an eye on its future drivability not just on the track but in non-track settings. That’s smart and should make the overall enjoyment of the car that much greater.

This car is nearly there. It’s waiting on its custom wheels, there’s some more body work, and then it needs paint and interior. But it’s essentially 90%, I’d say.

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