The Rallyist samples a proper Focus Rally Car

Ryan Symancek has been building up his My Life as a Rallyist series over the course of a number of episodes, and along the way he’s driven more and more thrilling machines. This latest episode sees Ryan sampling something properly wonderful. It started life as a standard Ford Focus but the crew at Mainiax Rally Team have transformed it into something special.
This is definitely one of the most entertaining forms of front-wheel-drive conveyance that you’re likely to come across. Ryan reports that it has 350 horsepower on tap and that’s controlled through a sequential gearbox and a Quaife differential. The suspension sees around eight inches of travel front and rear and the steering is quick and responsive.
Symancek is let loose on some of the gravel stages surrounding the Team O’Neil Rally School compound in New Hampshire. He finds that starting slow is the wrong way with this car. The faster he goes and harder he pushes it, the more it responds with favorable corner sliding, jump soaring, and stage slinging goodness.
Click play and check out the latest episode of Ryan’s adventures above.

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One response to “The Rallyist samples a proper Focus Rally Car”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    One ran in Targa Tasmania this year, apparently one of the problems was welding the clutch plate to the pressure plate after using launch control on an uphill stage start. Also blew a turbo.