The NYIAS from the viewpoint of UDMan

Kamil, as a Taxi Driver. I wonder where Jodi Foster is…

Well, here I am with Kamil and Jeff shooting the crap about what is on the floor. I have been concentrating on the very unusual and offbeat vehicles, along with other vehicles that are not covered anywhere. So let’s start with a couple of interesting vehicles that I like, and maybe so will you…

This is the new Nissan NV 200, the new van that will be the new NY Taxi next year. While everyone else was getting pictures of the Taxi version, I went downstairs an have this undisguised civilian version that will be available this fall. No, the doors don’t open…

Sitting right next to the NV 200, is a new passenger version of the NV 3500. This truck actually looks sharp, and will be a very competitive contender now that the Econoline is on its last year. This is an 8 passenger version, but rumors are that there will be an 11 passenger version soon.

This is the Taxi version of the MV-1, which offers true flexibility for disabled passengers, unlike the NV 200. Yes, that’s a wheelchair ramp, and the doors open wide enough for ease of entry. Just don’t tell the maker that it’s really ugly.

This honey was at the Chevrolet Impala reveal, and one has to ask why Chevy just doesn’t built this again. It is a 1966 Impala, with the giant 427 CID V-8 under the hood, a proper 4-speed manual, bucket seats, and A/C. All this in one of the most alluring shapes on the floor. I will get shots of the new Impala later, but for now, I am going to explore more.

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