The Jag: “Fresh” Wheels and Fresh Tires

My 1986 Jaguar XJ6 is rolling proper now. The tires that were on the car when I purchased it were nearly of legal drinking age. That’s probably not a great idea to keep them on there. Our new friends at Vredestein volunteered a set of their Sprint Classic tires and the result is a perfect match of modern rubber tech with a vintage look on the right car. Wrapping the tires around a set of gold and chrome BBS wheels certainly helps the package. In short, the Jag now looks pretty bad-ass.

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

The tires are 215/70VR15. I’m in love with the amount of sidewall packing in under those fenders. Especially in the rear, where the tires tuck in perfectly. The nose could stand to be dropped down an inch, but I’m not stressing on that just yet. There are other things on the to-do list. Right off the bat though, the car feels great. There was a vibration that rose up through the steering wheel with the old dry tires, and that is effectively gone now. The ride remains supple and it’s everything you want in an old Jaguar.

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Now, with respect to that to-do list I just mentioned, I’d like to:

  • Figure out why it runs a bit rich. Going to start with the O2 sensor and work back from there.
  • Get a bit of tint on the glass to help push this car properly towards Guy Ritchie-spec gangster mobile. Not limo tint or anything, just darken it up a bit.
  • I need to do my research on this gearbox. It shifts too aggressively or quickly into top gear, so I pretty much drive it around with the selector in 2. Then as needed I bump it into D, when I need 3rd gear.
  • There’s a tear on the front passenger seat I want to get repaired. The quote to do so is high, but I would like it done at some point.
  • I need to install the Continental head unit I purchased from ECS Tuning.
  • I’d like to test the cooling system to see if it is truly up to task. Today the lower, aftermarket temp gauge started to climb just past 180 while I was out driving. That’s not cause for alarm, but it’s also curious. The in-car gauge seems to read ok. Still, as the weather warms up I’d really like to stay ahead of any potential cooling issues.

And that’s it for now. The Jag rolls right, looks good, is super comfortable, and is just a few fixes away from being perfect… to me.

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

[Images copyright 2021 Hooniverse/Jeff Glucker]

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9 responses to “The Jag: “Fresh” Wheels and Fresh Tires”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    The gold-weave wheels perfectly compliment the pinstripes. Personally I would ditch the yellow lamps, but that’s just a personal thing. This is one classy ride!

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      I really like the yellow lights, kind of playing off the wheels, pinstripes and steering wheel. “Rad” is too easy a word to use here, but it reminds me of the first family trips to France after reunification. We crossed the border and suddenly everyone was driving with yellow lights. Half the population seemingly on hydropneumatics. It was a different planet for 7 yo me. Suits the Jag, too, but ymmv.

  2. salguod Avatar

    I liked the factory chrome wheels, but these are a great period correct upgrade. Your analysis of a slight front drop is spot on, too. Beautifulccar.

  3. OA5599 Avatar

    Are the BBS rims wider than those beautiful stock chrome wheels? It sort of looks that way in the pictures, though since the tires are different it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison.

    The Sprint Classic tires have a very old-skool (smaller number) tread width to section width ratio. I think for the BBS rims, the car would look and perform better with either a more modern profile in the same size, or a 245/60R/15 tire if those rims are at least 7″ wide (or perhaps 255/60R/15 if you don’t have clearance issues).

    Transmission: check the adjustment on the TV cable. Easy, and free.

    Cooling: In a previous posting, the pictures showed a chrome cylindrical thing attached behind the cooling fans. It had a cap on top and a hose at the bottom. Is that how you fill the radiator? If so, is there a way to bleed trapped air, perhaps at the top of the radiator or in the thermostat housing (or multiple places)?

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I will check on the cooling bit and read about the TV cable, thank you

  4. joel strickland Avatar
    joel strickland

    Looking good Jeff, the wheels really suit the car.

  5. GTXcellent Avatar

    Look at all that glorious side wall! Those BBS wheels look absolutely purrrrrfect.

  6. Scoutdude Avatar

    Looking good!

  7. Neight428 Avatar

    Concur on the TV cable comment, definitely worth looking into, though it may require a pressure guage and on-the-road testing, maybe? I read up on it a bit when considering a 200-4R swap into my Trans Am. If the whole thing grenades or you get some sweet sponsorship deal to make it happen, I’d go with an electronically controlled 4L60E that nominally bolts right up and *should* work with the right suite of sensors talking to each other and the right PCM.