The Hooniverse Version of Disneyland

On a quiet side street in Van Nuys, California there sits a relatively unassuming house. Driving by you might see an unusual car or two parked in the u-shaped driveway, but nothing that would make you hit the brakes. What you wouldn’t see however, is that the side of the house leads back into an automotive parts utopia for early BMW 6-Series fans, not to mention a final resting place for some very unique French, German, and Italian iron.I don’t know how Tim found him, but our favorite place to find parts for the Uberbird is at the home of a man we simply call Jack. Well… Tim and Jack find the parts, I just stare at the random assortment of cars I wish I could take home then help when it comes time to load or unload random parts.
How random is the selection?

Well Jack has a passion for French cars, specifically Renaults. He has many R5 Turbos, Le Cars (including the one used in Dude Where’s My Car), a Renault Spyder, and a 1947 Renault F1 car in three pieces (which Renault apparently is going to restore for him, so they can use it as a showpiece from time to time).

Not a fan of French cars? (yeah right… if you are reading this site then you at least have a passing admiration for them) Then you should check out the dust-covered Ferrari or the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

Still not see anything you like – well then take a gander at the excellent German Owtoes scattered about; which include an Audi Quattro Coupe, a 190E Cosworth Benz, a slew of 6-series (standard, M, and L versions all accounted for), an excellent selection of 2002s (some wearing M livery even), a few random 3-Series cars, and a classic Benz sedan tucked away in a corner.
Here is a short gallery of random shots (including a view of Mad_Science’s wagon that wound up in the mix):

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  1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker


  2. Maymar Avatar

    Would he be willing to found a LeCar racing series?

  3. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    Those cars are pretty much going nowhere… I have asked (more than once).
    He parts out the six-series BMWs, but the other vehicles just sit – collecting dust.

  4. Tim Odell Avatar
  5. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    No, but if you loan my 1995 I will buy it and let you ride in it.

  6. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    Anyone else notice that between the headlights on the wagon there is a wedge shaped piece of real imitation wood trim??


    Interesting offer. Kinda like a Gas, Grass, or Ass policy, only paying up front!

  8. skitter Avatar

    Is the windshield removable on that Sport Spider? (And you neglected to get a shot of one of the greatest modern interiors.)
    A SPORT SPIDER AND A 340R? Those and a likely Turbo 2002 and an E30 M3 and a 205GTi and an Integrale? AAAHHHH! I am doing it wrong!

  9. CptSevere Avatar

    There's a guy who's like this where I live, except for it's all Chevys From the fifties, sixties, seventies. A whole yard full of them. Won't even think of selling one.

  10. Alan Avatar

    Truly epicly awesome, but what good does it do him if he can't drive them? Damn you CA smog!

  11. earn points for prizes Avatar

    I never, ever believed I would need to be familiar with this, but thank goodness for the internet