hennessey venom f5 hypercar on a runway

The Hennessey Venom promises limited-edition insanity

Does the world need another insane hypercar? Certainly not. But are we interested to see what this one can actually do? Yes. This is the production-spec Hennessey Venom F5. Per the press release, it packs a (probably literally) eye-watering 1,817 horsepower punch along with 1,193 lb-ft of torque. That combustion craziness is courtesy of an engine nicknamed Fury. It’s a 6.6-liter V8 that huffs air through a pair of turbos before launching the Venom F5 from 0 to 124 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds. Hennessey plans to build 24 examples and each one starts at $2.1 million. That’s a lot of dough to go with a potentially also-high top speed… the builder is targeting 311 mph or more.

Like all these claims, we will believe them when we see them. And we do hope to see them, because why not, right? For now though, what you can see are many photos of the car:


It’s simultaneously generic modern hypercar but also rather interesting. It’s wild as to be expected but not overly so. There’s so softness in the lines, which I appreciate. Sure, we can all probably find elements of other vehicles in there, but as a whole, I say it’s not too bad. In fact, I quite like the exhaust treatment with the four pipes exiting out the rear. It probably makes a wickedly wonderful noise.

[Images courtesy of Hennessey]

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4 responses to “The Hennessey Venom promises limited-edition insanity”

  1. William Byrd Avatar

    Agreed that it’s a bit generic, but also quite impressive. I drove past Hennessy’s place in TX over the summer, pretty cool to see a machine like that come out of a small town in America.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      In the age of whale mouths and randomly placed creases, a “generic” super car advertised as all American* is a welcome contrast. They go for McLaren-aesthetics, which I think is a good choice. The specs are absolutely wild.

      *the list of hashtags in that teaser thing posted the day before this article was ridiculous

  2. ConstantReader Avatar

    Soooo. . . warmed over 2020 Corvette? Makes sense. Saves on initial build. It’s what Hennessy does.
    Regardless, awesome car.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    I am curious as to who is going to pay $2.1M to go try to drive 311 mph in a car built in a small town in Texas by a company with zero identifiable engineering credentials in chassis, aerodynamics or suspension design, and zero race car design history but a rather long history of somewhat shady business practices.

    And shoot like this makes me crazy:

    “ Mr. John Hennessey has been quizzed a couple of times about the lead designer of the Venom F5. However, he has consistently refused to reveal the identity of the person. All we know is that the individual is an American and has worked with many known car brands in the past”…

    I mean, sure, it ain’t bullshoot if you can do it, but until you do it…. it’s just well, nuthin but bullshoot.