The False Neutral Podcast #106 – Building a CR250 road racer with guest Victor Pagan

This month, Eric, Garrett, and Pete interview our special guest, Victor Pagan, who is building a Super Single class roadracer out of a 1997 CR250 motorcrosser. After an overview of the conversion process and the challenges he’s still working through, we revisit our own projects, including the Predator-engined KX project Garrett’s involved with. Along the way, we briefly discuss Bultakenstein, the new Aprilia RS660, and our continuing fascination with the Yamaha Blaster ATV motor. Also, is there a new bike in Pete’s or Eric’s futures?

Video of Victor’s CR250 Super Single on the track [starts @ 7:19 in]

False Neutral – Building a CR250 Super Single with Victor Pagan

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Victor’s CR250 project in its original supermoto guise.
Victor’s Super Single CR250 racer at it is currently.
The Predator–KX hybrid
The Blaster–KE100 hybrid
The tube-frame Hejira Rotax 500 I mention.
Eric on his RS125 back in the day.

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2 responses to “The False Neutral Podcast #106 – Building a CR250 road racer with guest Victor Pagan”

  1. peugeotdude505 Avatar

    Oh man that CR250 looks sweet!

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar