Chevy eCOPO Camaro 9-second run

The electric Chevy eCOPO Camaro runs in the nines

Back in October, Chevrolet made news when it announced an all-electric drag-racing Camaro. The Chevy eCOPO Camaro uses an 800-volt BorgWarner-supplied battery pack. Paired with a set of electric motors, the eCOPO dishes out tire-shredding silent energy to the tune of 780 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque. How does it fair when it actually lines up at a tree staring down a quarter mile of tarmac? Pretty damn well, we’d say.

The NHRA season opener in Pomona proved the perfect place to test the car. The eCOPO Camaro blasted off with its front wheels reaching for the sky. A 9.837-second run was the result, with a trap speed of 134.07 miles per hour. It’s odd how silently the car blitzes down the track, but it’s also pretty damn cool.

It’s even cooler to think that this is just the beginning for factory-backed electric drag racing efforts. And when motorsport pushes factory tech, it typically winds up benefitting the consumer down the road. While that not might result in nose-lifting electric coupes, sedans, or crossovers, it should lead to greater electric power and battery technology.

And this eCOPO Camaro has the added benefit of giving your ears a much needed break from the insane noise that arrives with a weekend spent at an NHRA race. You can be baptized by nitro and wait for the ringing to subside by eCOPO.

[Source: Inside EVs via Road & TrackGIF taken from Road & Track]

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2 responses to “The electric Chevy eCOPO Camaro runs in the nines”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    I’d like to hear a really good audio recording of the run. It looks for all the world like any other 9 second run, but I’d like to hear the tires grip and the suspension bounce. It’s like isolating out certain tracks from a recording.

    Someone is going to get swappable crate motor/battery packs to market and then the fun will start if the time slips come back with 9’s on them after yanking out a small block.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    I wonder why they don’t bolt the electric motor directly to the diff – could even add it on separately via the rear cover, like the old Turbonique drag axles