jason fenske money shift

The dreaded Money Shift can strike at any time!

Our friend Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained was enjoying seat time in the new Nissan Z when disaster nearly struck. He was on track, exiting a corner and heading onto a straight when he shifted from third to second. The gear he was looking for was fourth. Thankfully, for both Jason and the Z, he caught the rear-end wiggle and clutched in while finding the correct gear. No damage to person or car.

And, as is the opposite case on the Internet, Jason is here to talk about what happened and what a “money shift” can do for a vehicle. Seeing as he’s quite good at explaining the engineering side of things, that’s exactly what unfolds in the video above.

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4 responses to “The dreaded Money Shift can strike at any time!”

  1. Dan, who used to look forward to this website Avatar

    Not much hooning going on here on this site anymore. Not much of anything actually. What a shame. This was one of my top three car sites. Now all we have is a story about some skinny dude who missed a shift?

    1. Norman aka Mombert Avatar
      Norman aka Mombert

      Dan is right, I really wonder what’s up on here, where I usually roamed around at least daily, even if only as a Reader.
      Regards from Germany

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    I remember when I was learning and on a driving course, one of the other students went from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th in a Falcon (T5 gearbox); massive rear-wheel compression lock up but nothing else.

    Unlike me morerecently and in a different car, changing down to 2nd but accidentally getting reverse. Also compression lock up and probably what took out the head gasket…

  3. word hurdle Avatar

    Why are people who drive adventurously so skinny? whether or not his physical condition permits him to participate in the sport in question.