The Chrysler Sno-Runner; A Small, Affordabe, and Fuel Efficient Chrysler!

Thanks to Deartháir’s posting about a Tracked Motorcycle, and in honor of Two-Wheel Tuesday, I thought I would dredge up this little piece of history. Ok, so it doesn’t exactly have two wheels, but I think it’s appropriate….. well, maybe not, but enjoy anyway. There was a brief time when Chrysler was producing a small, affordable, fuel efficient and good looking vehicle that wasn’t a Shelby. Though not a car, the Chrysler Sno Runner was a little vehicle with Hoons in mind. The single ski, narrow tracked snow cycle was produced by the Outboard Marine Division of Chrysler and available for about $700 in 1979 dollars. It featured a two-cycle Powerbee (yes, that’s right, Powerbee!) engine that produced a whopping 7 hp and, with some luck, could get you up to 35 mph.

Sadly, the early 1980’s financial downturn for Chrysler meant the Sno Runner was canceled and all the remaining stock sold off by liquidators for just under $300. It’s been estimated that around 28,000 were made, but the real number was lost to time. If you’re in a snowy climate, one can be had in the $300 to $800 range on eBay depending on condition. Read more about it at Our Victorian House.

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