The Audi TT RS is so good we had to give it another go

Yeah, we drove it already… but we needed to give it another go. The 2018 Audi TT RS is worth the extra time, because it’s just so damn good now. Audi is offering up a 400-horsepower sports coupe that’s basically a budget R8.
It’s not cheap, but compared to the competition it’s well priced. Plus you can leave the carbon ceramic front brakes and RS suspension off your shopping list and save a healthy $6,000 to keep it all under $80k.
The Audi TT RS might just be the pinnacle of the MQB platform. It’s crazy fast, supremely confidence inspiring, and well styled. Unless you *have* to have those RWD tail-out shenanigans, the TT RS is the best choice in its segment.

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One response to “The Audi TT RS is so good we had to give it another go”

  1. WinstonSmith84 Avatar

    This car has a value proposition unmatched since the Cosworth Vega. How much Corvette can you get for $70K? How much GT350? A Challenger Hellcat is likely to make you feel less silly when it comes time to eat the depreciation for your moment of compensation. When did the TT stop being a Scirocco and start being irrelevant to paying customers?