The 2023 Acura Integra is exactly what it’s supposed to be

The 2023 Acura Integra is a premium sporty hatchback. It’s priced wonderfully for what it offers, drives well, and has a comfortable interior. And a portion of the Internet will absolutely hate it for not being some sort of high-performance amalgamation of what they imagined it would be.

I’m here to tell you that it is a good car. And I’m also here to tell you that I believe more potent versions are coming…

[Disclaimer: Acura tossed me the keys to the Integra and included a tank of fuel.]

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7 responses to “The 2023 Acura Integra is exactly what it’s supposed to be”

  1. Mister Sterling Avatar

    Fine review, Jeff!

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Thank you

      Now we need Acura to roll out the higher performance versions

      1. Ol' Shel' Avatar
        Ol’ Shel’

        Don’t forget to factor in dealer mark-ups. They seem here to stay.

  2. Idaneck Avatar

    I was super excited for the new Integra, and not necessarily a Type-R, but a more basic manual model. My first car, was a 1990 Integra GS. My dad bought it new, then I drove until 2006. After the initial reviews and the price, I figured that maybe I’ll get an Accord hybrid.

    This past weekend we were near the Acura dealer and they have one manual (gray and red). I stopped by and sat inside, I was really impressed and my wife liked it as well. I chose not to drive it, I wasn’t interested in spending more time at a dealer.

    So, who knows…

  3. Maymar Avatar

    I think in principle, this Integra is fundamentally what an Integra should be, although it doesn’t sound like it quite has the handling magic to justify the otherwise poor value, the way the originals did (or at least we remember they did). Mostly just a shame the manual is paywalled behind the higher trim. But yes, it’s a safe assumption there’ll be an Integra equivalent to the coming CTR that’ll probably help engender more goodwill.

  4. Salguod Avatar

    Those red seats are very nice. They look good with that silvery gray, but I’m disappointed that they are not available with the apex blue like they are on the TLX A-Spec.

    If I was in the new market, this would be a strong contender.

  5. crank_case Avatar

    Get rid of the incessant background music – argh! Turned off an otherwise decent review because it was just doing my head in.

    Trying to listen to you talking with the normal car background noise because you’ve not done voiceover style audio is fine, but when it’s accompanied by some crappy “lo-fi beats for study” just banging away half way in the mix for no discernable reason, it’s deeply unpleasant.