That's not gone well: Lister-Jaguar munches on some Goodwood hay

Lord March’s driveway is seeing its fare share of action today, and not all of it is joyful. Earlier we showed you what happens when a NASCAR Toyota Tundra understeers a bit too far. Now you get to see the end result of a four-wheel lockup in a 1958 Lister-Jaguar.
(And click past the jump for a bonus video from the original Race of Two Worlds)

The car is called Monzanapolis, and it’s a unique marriage of Lister bits and Jaguar power. Under the aluminum skin sits a 3.8-liter engine plucked from a D-Type, while most of the rest of the car is Lister. It was built to compete in the Indy Car vs F1 race known as Monzanapolis, or the Race of Two Worlds. 
How’d the car fare when it raced in 1958? Not great… the American Indy racers prevailed both years the event was held. Want to see footage from the race? Of course you do! Check this out:

While at Goodwood, the car was running up the hill where it got a bit squirrelly  under braking. This was near Turn 5 or Turn 6. From there, the car plowed on into the hay bales, and received revised bodywork in the process.
The driver extricated the car and pressed on towards the finish line. Where we assume an awful conversation awaits, unless the car was being pedaled by its owner. In which case, good on you for driving the thing hard.
Hopefully you know a good aluminum shop…

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4 responses to “That's not gone well: Lister-Jaguar munches on some Goodwood hay”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Repair will be trickier than Goldberg’s truck. Assuming he (Goldberg) has the parts that is. Rod Jolley is one of the more prominent restorers so may even have it at 90% by now!
    A few years back they took one of the Brock Bathurst winning Commodores over and had the obligatory meeting with the hay bales. Luckily they were able to find a headlight etc from a Vauxhall that shared the parts – there are a tiny number of those left!

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    That looked more like indecision on the part of the driver, not a mechanical issue.

  3. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Poor car ran out of driver pretty quick.

  4. SoldierofaDifferentStripe Avatar

    Some bondo & duct tape & it’ll be just fine.