Ram TRX Off-Road

Talking Ram TRX with a TRX Owner

My buddy AJ hates money and loves fun. That’s why he bought a Ram TRX. I recently had my hands on a TRX as well, so we decided to link up and chat about the truck. He’s a much better photographer and videographer than I, so you can get some pretty visuals in the video below. Along the way, we talk about the trucks and then do a quick side-by-side rip on dirt and asphalt. It’s his video so he gets to be on the asphalt and take the win.

We have a full review of our own coming on the truck soon, but I thought this video was fun to share in the meantime. So check it out, and also check out AJ’s channel (Fotornr) for other content including overland-esque lifestyle videos, his new AEV JL350 Jeep, some dirtbike content, and more.

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