Take in the Nürburging 24 Hour Race from the perspective of a racer

An endurance race is an extreme test of a car, drivers, and a team as a whole. One of the toughest is the Nürburging 24-Hour Race, as it pits all sorts of vehicles against each other but also against a circuit often called The Green Hell. The N24 is a bucket-list-level event for drives and spectators alike, and one person who was formerly a spectator has now become a competitor.
Jethro Bovingdon, aside from having a tremendously British name, is a motoring journalist in the United Kingdom. He’s on the Drivetribe team and he’s putting out some seriously excellent videos on their YouTube channel.
The most recent of which follows Bovingdon as he takes in the N24 from the driver’s seat of the brand-new BMW M4 GT4 race car. Shared with three other drivers, Jethro and this team take a fresh race car from start to finish over the course of 24 hours, shifting weather, through faster and slower bits of traffic, and through the dreaded dark that descends when day turns to night.
It always turns back to day though, and the light shines on the twisting bit of sinewy road we all call The Ring. The car, the drivers, and the team all make it through with only a few battle scars but one great story to share.

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3 responses to “Take in the Nürburging 24 Hour Race from the perspective of a racer”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    man, being in the crowd sounds like an event. i like going to races and watching cars blast around a track, and the endurance races are the best, but the Green Hell seems like some next level shit.

  2. Vairship Avatar

    Who wants to go halfsies on setting up a skating palace in that other German place? We’ll call it the Nuremberg Rink!

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    American V8 powered cars have lead the event in the past
    The Traco-Oldsmobile 4.3 l (262 Ci) powered P6 racer.