Tail Light – Jaguar XJ

Modern Art Monday is a new series which will focus on an newer cars, and the specific highlights that stand out in their design. Lately I have been thinking of tail lights. I was about to go with the current design of the BMW 5-Series but then I remembered a Jaguar event I attended for a customer (of which I am not one) reveal of the all new XJ sedan. I loved the iconic style of the old model, and I was prepared to dislike this new one out of spite. However, the design elements on it really surprised me and one area that still stands out in my mind is the style of the tail lights. The tail light here flows with the body line perfectly, and the three distinct LED strips shine brightly at night. This isn’t just a box with some bulbs – this is form and function working together to create modern functional art. For comparison, here is the last tail light style prior to this one: This older look fit in well with the more classic style of the previous generation XJ… but the new one shows that the company is continuing to move towards fresh designs wrapped around well built cars.

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