Sweet Sixteen

A sixteen cylinder engine is a beautiful thing. Typically they are found nestled into the most elegant of classic coach-built bodywork or the most exotic of supercars. Sometimes however they make their way into a vehicle that you might not expect. Read on to find out more… Would you have guessed that this wonderful engine was shoved into a 1934 Ford Roadster?  I didn’t think so! (If you answered correctly, ignore that last statement…also you are lying). Set to cross the Mecum Auction block at Dana Mecum’s Spring Classic this May is a 1934 Ford Roadster that is powered by a 492 C.I. V16 engine originally attached to a Marmon. The engine is paired with the six-speed manual transmission from a Dodge Viper. Probably a good strong choice since the engine puts out 410 hp at 3500 RPM and 1,150 ft lbs of torque at the rear wheels. This is like the Bugatti Veyron of hot rods. Here is the full list of highlights I found on the Mecum listing:

– 5 year project no expense was spared to create this one of a kind “crossover car” – 1932 Marmon V-16 engine, 410 HP at 3500 RPM, 1150 ft lbs of torque at rear wheels – World renowned McKee Engineering converted the engine to throttle body fuel injection – Viper 6-speed transmission, Quartermaster clutch and drivetrain parts – Ford 9″ rear, top speed over 200 MPH in sixth gear – Two EMD pulse ignition systems, custom cam position sensor – Third computer is used to control and monitor all engine functions – Satellite navigation – Audio and video accessories, all operate by the touch screen monitor in the center console – Coachwork and upholstery was performed at Restorations Unlimited – The final touch is the Bulova clock that is built into the steering wheel horn ring

I am not a big fan of hot rods but this secured a prime spot in my fantasy garage. Sure, I would swap in a new interior but that is a minor detail when you consider the nearly-nuclear powerplant under the hood. For more information head over to Mecum.com (direct link to the listing page for this vehicle).

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