Superbowl Sunday Ride Special: The Armored Limousine, With a Stripper Pole!

So what do the Dallas Cowboys Football Star Terrell Owens, and Reality TV Star (and Sex Tape Vixen) Kim Kardashian have in common? They both chose to use a most unusual Limousine Service, based in the Dallas Metro area, the Armored Limousine Service, Inc.

The Vault XXL2
Ahhh, the rolling stripper club, complete with pole.
OK, so you may have seen this story before, but it is worth repeating. According to the companies website, they offer a service in which their clients enjoy being Different and Stylish, with a sense of Security. Well, the fact is this “Limousine” is really a stretched Armored Car, complete with all the over the top accouterments that you would expect in a “Party Limo” including tasteless two-toned leather, neon and strobe lighting, and a retractable stripper pole that drops from the ceiling. The company goes on to explain that they are the only Limousine Service in the Southwest that provides 100% Bullet Proof transportation, and to provide Safety at its Finest, with a touch of Elegance and Class. The vehicles are appropriately named “The Vault XXL2”, and “The Vault XXL4.” These Limousines feature some unusual details, to further distinguish them from other Limousines that show up at various Red Carpet Events. Check out the Diamond Plate Aluminum trim along the sides, the roof mounted strobe light bar, and my favorite accessory, gun ports located all along the sides of the “party machine.”
This interior is called Shagadelic. Notice the different heights of the seating, to differentiate between the "Stars" and the entourage.
This proves one thing, that nothing succeeds like excess when in Texas. And this is one limo that will appeal to the so called stars with huge egos. Source: Armor Horse, The Armored Limousine Service.

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