Super73 has some sweet new electric bikes

I’ve been getting more and more into the electrified transportation space. Part of that is because I have a new gig where I cover mobility for an outlet called Ride. It’s owned by Kelley Blue Book, and it covers all things mobility. Recently, I took the opportunity to examine a part of this space I find most intriguing; e-bikes! And a local company called Super73 has some brand new models it wanted to show off.

Super73 has been around since 2016. Initially, it was called Lithium Cycles and the plan was to create an electric bike with vintage style. By 2018, the name of the company had been changed to Super73 and a cult following had developed. Now, Super73 is ready to bring a new bike into the family fold.

The R Series is comprised of both an R and RX model. Each uses an aluminum frame (as opposed to the steel frames used on other Super73 bikes), full front and rear suspension with 120-mm of travel, a 960wH battery, and a rear hub motor capable of 2000 watts of peak power.

A great option for commuting?

Each R Series model presents a great electric commuting option. But if you want to spend a bit less, Super73 has also rolled out an updated version of its existing S1 model; the S2. This updated version takes development cues learned from the R Series bikes. This S2 looks like the S1, but uses the battery and motor from the R Series bikes and also uses aluminum for the frame.

I should have my hands on one of the new R Series bikes soon. We will be spending time with it to see what it’s actually like to commute on, and we also want to see how it actually fares if we take it to play in the dirt. Stay tuned for more from Super73.

I know it’s not a car, but I think this counts under Two-Wheel Tuesday rules.

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5 responses to “Super73 has some sweet new electric bikes”

  1. Bret Avatar

    Congrats on the new gig. I love e-bikes and welcome them with open arms. More people out of cars is good for everyone. These Super73s have an attractive price point, I’m curious to hear how they are.

  2. desmo Avatar

    very nice, but methinks it needs a banana saddle and ape hangers.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      They had a bunch of custom ones on display. One or two definitely had hanger style bars

  3. Zentropy Avatar

    Cool ride, and the price is surprisingly reasonable, especially when you consider how much you can invest in a regular human-powered bike these days.

    I assume the battery is located in the “tank”, which begs the question why it wasn’t instead incorporated within the window of the frame for a lower center of gravity. Aesthetics maybe, for a more traditional look? I would think the area where a fuel tank typically sits would be better as storage space for wallet, phone, etc. Putting the battery up there– with all the open space below– seems like kind of a waste. I like the bike, though. Tempting toy…

    I second the congratulations on the new gig. Sounds like a fun subject to cover!

    1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
      Wayne Moyer

      I would think center of gravity would be better with that .96kWh batter in the middle of the frame as well instead of up high like that.