Start your week with the 1967 Lola T142

Our brains aren’t working yet. The coffee is brewing. The skies outside are gray. It’s Monday. So to get this week started right, we present to you the 1967 Lola T142.
An old Formula 5000 racing machine that roars with joy as it’s pushed hard around Road Atlanta. This is how you start your Monday correctly.

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2 responses to “Start your week with the 1967 Lola T142”

  1. Roland Alfonso Avatar
    Roland Alfonso

    This was great, Jeff. As I watched the video and listened to the really cool owner, I was focused on the suspension; mentally calculating roll centers and how they change as the body rolls, and thinking if you believe you can design a better race car just try it.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Got to love F5000. Hopefully the FT5000 project will get off the ground here (a modern Formula Nippon CF chassis repurposed with a Ford Coyote-based engine).