Some wonderfully mad folks swapped a Lexus 3UZ engine into… a Ford Fiesta?!

The Ford Fiesta is a small front-wheel-drive economy car. The Lexus 3UZ engine is a highly tunable all-aluminum V8 engine typically found in Lexus GS, LS, and SC430s. Toyota also used it in a GT500 race car. And now some perfectly insane people have decided to pair the Fiesta with the 3UZ. The result is a rear-wheel-drive hot hatch that makes wicked noise and eats tires.

According to another video related to the car, it’s making 337 horsepower at the wheels. That is enough to have insane fun in the car but also keep it within the realm of controllability and streetable.

Skip to about 1:50 to see it make a dyno pull. The audio is a bit wacky but you can get a sense of the noise this thing makes.

This is an excellent mash up and I look forward to learning more about this car. Thanks to @BraapJeremy for the heads up!

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4 responses to “Some wonderfully mad folks swapped a Lexus 3UZ engine into… a Ford Fiesta?!”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    You’ve mistakenly typed “mad” once and “insane” twice, but you were obviously searching for a better adjective. This is f’ing brilliant.

  2. Victor ~~~~~~ Avatar

    Brake lock burnouts are for old women . Nice swap though .

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      Truth, brother! They’re not so much a display of power as they are a waste of good tires. If I’m making smoke, I’d rather be sideways and counter-steering.

  3. Martin White Avatar
    Martin White

    Anyone know how they did it? im wanting to do a similar thing with my fiesta ztec