jaguar xj6 clean

So you want to keep your older car clean…

I bought an old black car. The old black paint looks great from 10 feet. Once you get up close you can see it’s a playground of crow’s feet. That’s not a big deal to me really, since this is a stop-gap car. But I’d still like to know the best ways to keep it clean.

I reached out to my friends at Meguiar’s and they let me bring The Jag on down to their headquarters, which happens to be about 15 minutes from my place. They hosed off the Jag and then set to work polishing up the paint, explaining their work along the way.

Beyond the paint though, I also wanted to know how to treat and care for the old leather inside. And this is where things go a bit insane. I thought the driver’s seat was a little dirt. Skip ahead in the video and you’ll see a nice before and after test section done, and now I want to puke a bit from just how dirty those seats really were.

Regardless, I’ve learned a bit and The Jag got some love from people with serious know-how.

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One response to “So you want to keep your older car clean…”

  1. Salguod Avatar

    I’d love to see a video on polishing and protecting billet aluminum. I struggle with keeping the wheels on the Thunderbird up.