Site Upgrades/Updates – Some cleaning up is coming…

Ever since I “upgraded” the site a while back, it’s been nothing but headaches. The comment system continues to suck, the site loads poorly on both the front and backends, and I still get upset when I think about the amount of content that was lost when we switched to this new style. I do like the updated designs, but if I could go back in time I would stick with the old look of the site if it meant avoiding all the bullshit Hooniverse has gone through since the change.

At this time, we’re working on cleaning up the backend by reducing the amount of bloat running back there. We’re going to once again move to a different comment system, but it’s a simple one that we’re trying to make sure also allows for image posting. And we’re going to strip this site back a bit to try and recapture some speed and usefulness.

We pay far too much for hosting compared to what our traffic numbers show. And it’s all for the sake of just keeping this thing floating. So if in the next few days you see wonkiness or what have you, it’s us fiddling with shit. Probably breaking stuff along the way, but the end goal is to clean it all up. So please bear with us.

We will try and continue to roll out content during this time… which is probably stupid, but we do stupid pretty well.

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17 responses to “Site Upgrades/Updates – Some cleaning up is coming…”

  1.  Avatar

    ‘Good Luck. We’re all counting on you’

  2. Aaron "The Savior" Graham Avatar

    Here goes nuttin’

  3. Anon-Hoon Avatar

    Live look at the Hooni-server

  4. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

  5. Aaron "The Savior" Graham Avatar

    Gotta add my own Haynes manual

  6. Sjalabais Avatar

    That’s a very good thing, godspeed!

  7. danleym Avatar

    Pictures! Follow up notifications!

    Bitchin. Thanks!

  8. caltemus Avatar

    Do you not have a backup of the site on hard drives at your house? Probably worth doing moving forward, at least to save articles and contributions for posterity.

    1. Aaron "The Savior" Graham Avatar

      I believe there is an archive retrieved from the Wayback Machine, but parsing all that content and getting it re-imported is a time consuming (or expensive) process. Right now focusing on helping the site work better moving forward, then I’ll start looking backwards. Cheers ?

      1.  Avatar

        There are a lot of articles that never got archived by the Wayback Machine. 🙁

  9. Tanshanomi Avatar

    Yes, the upgrade bork made me sad.

  10. Lokki Avatar


    I have been having a lot of trouble even accessing the site lately on my iPad, and commenting, much to the pleasure of others, had become impossible for me.

  11. Lokki Avatar

    Hmmm GIF didn’t load; will a photo?

  12. salguod Avatar

    I was excited to see a new commenting system, then I tried to comment and it failed to go through. We’ll see if it works this time.

    1. salguod Avatar

      Ok, it works, but not on Firefox for Android, I guess. And it’s really slow and no indication that it is working. And it doesn’t seem to remember who I am.

      But, images and subscriptions are a huge step in the right direction. Really do appreciate that, thank you. Hopefully all the other work behind the scenes will speed things up a bit.

    2. Salguod Avatar

      Ok, posting on the mobile site in Firefox for Android (I was using my tablet and the desktop site before) seems to be working fine. And the mobile site is muc faster.

      1. Tanshanomi Avatar

        I am just glad we can do reply notifications and nested threads.